Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - October 29th through November 4th, 2022

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KringleTalksKristmas Podcast –  Welcome to a brand-new Christmas Podcast – KringleTalksKristmas, hosted by Kriss Kringle, all the way from sunny England. Join him on this ride as he goes through various Christmas traditions and discuss a whole host of Christmas related topics! This is an anything goes kind of podcast! Kriss Kringle brings his love of Kristmas to your ears! Talking about various Kristmas traditions; including those from his nation state of the United Kingdom to those from countries afar.


Merry Britsmas Podcast – October 29th“Scary Spooksmas Halloween Special.”

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – October 29th“Christmas Ghost Towns.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – October 30th“Why Last Minute Christmas Shoppers are Considered Thrill Seekers.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – October 30th“AdELA Wishes You a Thankfully Spooktacular Halloween.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – October 31st“Disney’s Haunted Halloween (w/ Little #1)”

TGI Podcast – October 31st“Home Improvement: Borland Ambition (Halloween)”

Tis the Podcast – October 31st – “In This Town, Michael Myers is a Myth. He’s the Boogeyman. A Ghost Story to Scare Kids. But This Boogeyman is Real. Halloween (2018)”

Christmas Countdown Show Podcast – October 31st“Top 5 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season.”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – October 31st“Jackey Yoshikawa’s ‘Christmas with Blue Comets’ – Remastered.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – October 31st“The New 2022 Season of the Sounds of Christmas.”

Feliz Christmas Merry Navidad Podcast – October 31st“Christmas Podcast Day From FCMN Podcast.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – November 1st“Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ’85 (w/ Anthony, Charlyn and Manny)”

Season’s Eatings Podcast – November 1st“Dinner Music.”

TGI Podcast – November 1st“Top 5 Christmas Movie Countdown.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – November 1st“The History of Twas the Night Before Christmas, with Pamela McColl.”

Merry Britsmas Podcast – November 1st“Bonus Christmas Podcast Day Bonfire Special!”

Advent Calendar House Podcast – November 1st“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1948)”

Closer to Christmas Podcast – November 1st“Monster’s Holiday (It’s Christmas Podcast Day!)”

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast – November 1st“Brian Earl from Christmas Past (#ChristmasPodcastDay Bonus Episode)”

KringleTalksKristmas Podcast – November 1st“Halloween Special.”

Christmastime in the City Podcast – November 1st“We’re Back! Let’s Talk Christmas in New York City!”

Behind the Bells Podcast – November 1st“10 Overlooked Nostalgic Halloween Songs.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – November 2nd“53 Days Until Christmas.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – November 2nd“Minute 103 – Son of Santa.”

Christmas Countdown Show Podcast – November 3rd“Top 5 Songs We’ve Recently Fallen in Love With.”

Snow in Southtown Podcast – November 3rd“Stocking Stuffer: Jeff Whalen’s Top 5 Christmas Songs.”

12 Days Podcast – November 4th“Santa Claus is Coming to Town? In This Economy?”


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