What’s up, dudes? Remember when Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War on Christmas Day? Ashley Dunbar from the Magic of the Season, CJ Bélanger from Christmas Sessions, and Anthony Caruso from ‘Tis the Podcast remember, and they join me to talk about “Rocky IV!” Eye of the Tiger returns with a cadre of dope tunes to help Rocky avenge his fallen comrade!

Boxing champion Rocky Balboa is living his best life. He’s got a huge house, a nice car, beautiful family, and an ‘80s robot. When his friend former champ Apollo Creed is killed in the ring with Russian warrior Ivan Drago, Rocky is devastated. Unable to find peace. Rocky then decides to fight Drago himself. He has a ton of training montages and builds up his endurance and stamina to fight the beast. It all culminates in Rocky ending the Cold War with boxing on Christmas Day! Cut to his son watching the fight by a gorgeous Christmas tree.

‘80s synth jams? Check. Snow? Yep. Dolph Lundgren actually hurting Sly and Carl? Definitely! So grab your boxing gloves, train in the Russian wilderness, and box with this episode all about “Rocky IV!”

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Author: Gerry D / CJ Bélanger, Anthony Caruso, Ashley Dunbar
Title: Rocky IV (w/ CJ, Ashley, and Anthony)

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