What’s up, dudes? Trolls were big in the ‘80s, and this special proves it! Sean Sotka from the Christmas Podcasts Podcast joins me to talk “The Trolls and the Christmas Express!”

Led by the nefarious Troglo, a group of trolls infiltrate Santa’s workshop by disguising themselves in elf clothes. Their goal is to sabotage Christmas. They use their troll magic to warp and deform the toys, but the elves counter with their own elven charms. Consequently, the trolls, now in charge of the reindeer stables, perform a rousing musical number all night long. This kept the reindeer up for hours. Yes, they rocked and rolled all night long and partied everyday—the day of December 24th, that is. Exhausted, they can’t pull the sleigh across the world. All hope is not lost, however, as Santa teaches the trolls the meaning of the word “troll.” He shows them its use in the carol “Deck the Hall,” and together they ride the Christmas Express to deliver toys!

Songs? Check. Trains? Uh huh. Dancing reindeer? Definitely! So put on your elf clothes, grab your toys, and hop on the train to this episode on “The Trolls and the Christmas Express!”

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Author: Gerry D / Sean Sotka
Title: The Trolls and the Christmas Exress (w/ Sean Sotka)

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