What’s up, dudes? B-movie queen Sybil Danning bares it all in this Christmas(?) tale of seduction and murder, and I’ve got Shawn, Jaime, and Pax from Cult Film Club, Crestwood House, I Read Movies, Plastic Rocket Pop, and more to talk all about it! That’s right! It’s the 1984 erotic thriller “They’re Playing with Fire!”

Literature professor Diane hires her student Jay to varnish her yacht’s woodwork.  After seducing him, she convinces him to help her and her husband Michael get their inheritance. Jay will break in Michael’s mom Lillian’s house scaring her enough to move to a nursing home so Diane and Michael can move in. Jay breaks in, but is chased away by Lillian. An unknown assailant then kills Lillian. Meanwhile, Jay’s ex-girlfriend is killed by a man in a Santa Claus suit in a play room decorated for Christmas. As suspicion falls on the trio, blame and thoughts of revenge are thrown around. Oh, yeah, and there’s an incestuous love child step-brother of Michael hiding out somewhere. Forgot to mention that. Long story short, Michael is killed and Jay and Diane inherit everything and fly off to Hawaii.

Killer Santa? Check. Evil long lost brother? Yup. Awkward love scenes? Definitely! So grab your baseball bat, put on your most ill fitting swimsuit, and board your yacht for this episode about “They’re Playing with Fire!”

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Author: Gerry D / Shawn, Jaime, Pax

They’re Playing with Fire (w/ Shawn, Jaime & Pax)

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