The boys are going Dutch this episode and exploring Christmas in the land of tulips, windmills, and hole-y dykes.  Grab your wooden shoes, we are heading to the Netherlands for St. Nicholas Day!   We also examine a surprisingly dated film from 2007, Alles is Liefde, and discuss whether the same film could be made today.  It is another example of the subgenre we call the “Love Actually Knockoffs” with several characters, many stories at once, and intersecting storylines brought together by the holiday spirit.  The film is funny and has all of the necessary feel-good elements – including a charming prince on a horse – but it also features the controversial assistant of St. Nicholas known as “Zwarte Piet” or “Black Pete”.  This traditional Dutch character is portrayed here in an exaggerated and offensive fashion.  The film even posits the question of whether the Petes exist as the slaves of St. Nicholas, and this concept is played for laughs.  Sadly, this undertone of racism detracts from what is a fun, lighthearted holiday movie, especially if you’re interested in the culture.  And speaking of, we also take a look at some unique Christmas elements, including a novelty song about a dead rabbit, Santa with a butt plug, and a popular festive song that was first popularized by Ernie and Bert on the Dutch Sesame Street, and is sung by one of the actresses in the film.  This episode is truly a delectable gourmetten!

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Author: Bob & Mark
Title: Episode 23: Alles is Liefde (Netherlands)

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