What’s up, dudes? I’m running up that hill with Mike and Rusty from Snow in Southtown to talk about Kate: Kate Bush Christmas Special and her song “December Will Be Magic Again!” Released in 1979, it proves that the singer, only 21 at the time, was already a tour de force. A year later she released the Christmas song as a single.

The special is a mix of live performances and choreographed dance to prerecorded music. The live portion was recorded BBC Pebble Mills Studios in front of an audience. The music for the dance was done at EMI Studios in London. After a rotoscoped animated introduction, Kate launches into renditions off “Violin,” Gymnopédie No. 1 by Satie, and “Symphony in Blue.” “Them Heavy People” follows with Kate garbed in sequins. Immediately a trio sings Peter Gabriel’s in, and he serenades the audience with “Here Comes the Flood.” Kate performs “Ran Tan Waltz” then premieres “December Will Be Magic Again” on solo piano. Next comes “The Wedding List” about a vengeful bride and the duet “Another Day” with Peter Gabriel about a failed marriage. Finally, Kate enthralls us with “Egypt,” “The Man with a Child in His Eyes,” and “Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heart Brake.” Does she hop in a garbage can and come out dressed like Sandy from the end of “Grease?” Why, yes. Yes she does.

Stevie Nicks-like flowing black outfit? Yep. Fake beard and “Fiddler on the Roof” getup? Uh huh.  Kate doing interpretative dance superimposed over her playing piano? Definitely! So grab your violin and head to Egypt to this episode about Kate Bush!

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Patton, Rusty Spell
Title: Kate Bush “December Will Be Magic Again” (w/ Rusty and Mike)

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