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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Ep 40 - Blackadder's Christmas Carol (w/ Adam Parker Sibun)

What’s up, dudes? Adam Parker Sibun from Merry Britsmas joins me to talk all things Blackadder! What?! No Marley?! It’s cool. Hagrid–I mean, Robbie Coltrane–shows Ebenezer his ancestors and descendants and the true(?) meaning of Christmas?? Well, comedy is had either way! Spoilers: Commander Blackadder doesn’t vanquish the nibblepibblies because Lord Pigmot just made them up! Don’t forget to vote in Gag Me with a Spoon! Piggywiggywoo!

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Author: Gerry D / Adam Parker Sibun

Ep 40 – Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (w/ Adam Parker Sibun)

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