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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Ep 56 - A Very Brady Christmas (w/ Benji Pearson)

What’s up, dudes? Welcome to Season 2 of TRC! I’m here with Benji Pearson to talk the made-for-tv movie “A Very Brady Christmas”!  We’ve got the loving family, the jilted quirky housekeeper, and the worst wife ever! (Looking at you, Nora!) If you’re wondering if a grown woman magically sings her husband free from debris, she does! Put your shades on, pop your collar and dive into this rad(?) sitcom continuation! [Insert Marcia, Marcia, Marcia joke here.]

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Author: Gerry D / Benji Pearson
Title: Ep 56 – A Very Brady Christmas (w/ Benji Pearson)

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