Previously on the Advent Calendar House, we flew a sleigh made out of a dumpster into space with the California Raisins in “Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas Celebration.”

🎃 This time, we’re reanimating a creepier creation of his from 1991 — a Halloween special that premiered in May for some reason — starring the scheming Wilshire Pig on a quest to uncover the secret lab of Dr. Frankenswine.


🎙 Guests:

Sammy Hain (@SammyHain).

Chad Young (The Horror Movie BBQ, @horrormoviebbq).


💬 Topics & Tangents:

1. IMDb’s photo gallery from this special.

2. “The Adventures of Mark Twain.”

3. Todd Tolces’ website and YouTube résumé.

4. Michele Mariana (Wilshire) on “Sesame Street” as Cecile, the singing ball of clay.

5. Herb from Burger King.

6. Will Vinton wanted to build a theme park called Claymation Station with Wilshire Pig as its Mickey Mouse.

7. Raphael opened the floodgates for characters made for children saying curse words.

8. Sheldon the Snail bears a passing resemblance to The Noid.

9. A closer examination of the bathroom graffiti.

10. Today’s TV Trope: Removable Shell.

11. Does Famine’s business card say he’s from Limbo, Illinois?


📼 Commercial Break:

McDonald’s Coke Float Commercial, 1991, aired during this special.

Another Zelda Podcast… you’ll never guess what it’s about.


“Claymation Comedy of Horrors” © 1991 Will Vinton Productions.

Theme song by Bronwen’s Ghost.

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Title: Claymation Comedy of Horrors
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