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Happy Monday, Christmas Fanatics! This week, the elves are joined by Kendall Farrae of “For Forks Sake” podcast to journey to “Schitt’s Creek” and cover the one holiday episode of the beloved Canadian comedy, Season 4, Episode 13, “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”!

In this laugh-a-minute, quote-filled episode, listen as the elves discuss their histories with this brilliant show, what makes it so special, their favorite projects the cast have participated in in the past, and much more. And not only do they answer whether or not this episode of TV is actually a Christmas special and has a Linus moment, but Julia must also answer – as a newcomer who has never experienced this sitcom before, was it good enough to make her want to watch the entire series?

And in addition to all of the “Schitt’s Creek” talk, there’s discussion about the “Twilight Saga“, the elves address listener Danielle Essary’s suggestion that they dedicate every October to covering Halloween content instead of Christmas content, and they answer the question of the week posed in the prior two episodes: “Is there a non-Christmas movie that’s not even set at Christmas that you watch every year around the holidays?”

So blast that air-conditioning to simulate a winter environment, cozy up on the couch with your favorite warm beverage, and enjoy this very entertaining episode we can guarantee you do not want to miss! And if you want even more, free “Tis the Podcast” content, make sure to check your feeds this upcoming Thursday for the next installment of “Another Christmas Story” – Chapter Twenty-Four: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, which Glen Warren of “Seasons Eatings” will read to y’all!

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I’m Afraid This Whim Of yours Is Going To Obliterate Our Precious Holiday Memories. (Schitt’s Creek)

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