Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - September 16th through September 29th, 2023

Here are the new episodes that dropped the weeks of September 16th thru the 29th.


Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 16th“100 Days Until Christmas Bonus Episode: A Family Party!”

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – September 16th“Holiday Hot Shots.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – September 17th“Real Christmas Music Recommendations.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – September 18th“1983 Disney World Very Christmas Parade (w/ Mike and Charlie)”

Tis the Podcast – September 18th“I Want to Wish You Both a Merry Christmas in Hell. (The King of Queens – Last Four Christmas Episodes)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 18th“Seth’s Third Hallmark Odyssey: All Aboard ‘The Christmas Train’.”

Christmas Creeps Podcast – September 18th“Home Alone 4.”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 19th“Breaking News: Hallmark’s 2023 Holiday Movie List Just Announced…Seth is Officially Overwhelmed!”

Christmas Morning Podcast – September 20th“96 Days Until Christmas! (‘Must Be Santa’ Song Battle)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 20th“’Notes of Autumn’” Seth’s Fourth Hallmark Harvest.”

North Pole Podcast – September 21st“Secrets of a Professional Santa Tracker.”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 21st“Fireside Chat: Scott from Christmas Morning Guides Cousin Seth Through Essential Christmas Songs.”

Christmas Clatter Podcast – September 21st“No Weird Smell.”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – September 21st“Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 22nd“Pumpkin Spice Round Two: Seth Conquers Trader Joe’s Snacks.”

Total Christmas Podcast – September 23rd“Boy Meets a Christmas Carol.”

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – September 23rd“Xmas Destinations: Niagara Falls.”

Merry Britsmas Podcast – September 24th“Do They know an Absent Father Christmas?”

Christmas Podding Podcast – September 24th“Why Christmas Should Be All About the Adults, NOT the Kids.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – September 24th“The Sounds of Halloween.”

Season’s Eatings Podcast – September 24th“Oliebollen.”

Festive Foreign Film Fans Podcast – September 25th“Andel Pane (Czech Republic)”

Tis the Podcast – September 25th – “Christmas is More About Waring Off Evil Spirits Than Halloween. (Black Christmas [2006])”

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast – September 25th“The History of Secret Santa: a Weird and Wonderful Tale of Anonymous Giving.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – September 25th“September Christmas Party – 3 Months Until Christmas!”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 25th“Bonus Episode: What Type of Hallmark Viewer are You? Scott from Christmas Morning and Tinsel Tunes Joins the Christmas Cousins Once Again!”

Behind the Bells Podcast – September 25th“Elf Part 2: Jon Favreau’s Beginnings, Canada for New York, Killer Stop Motion and Beating the Other Family Films.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – September 25th – “Funhouse (w/ Mike, Tommy & Chad)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 26th“A 1980’s Style Totally Rad Christmas Episode!”

KringleTalksKristmas Podcast – September 26th“A 90’s UK Christmas!”

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – September 26th“It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – September 27th“89 Days Until Christmas! (’12 Days of Christmas’ Song Battle)”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 27th“Seth’s 5th Hallmark Movie! Unwrapping ‘A Very Merry Mix-Up’ with Guest, the Christmas Aficionado.”

Closer to Christmas Podcast – September 27th“Upcoming Holiday/Christmas Funko Games for 2023.”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – September 28th“MIDI’s ‘Winter Tales.’”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 28th“Breaking News: Starbucks Winter Menu Leak Alert…Seth’s Seasonal Scoop!”

Christmas Cousins Podcast – September 29th“Weekend Kick-Off Party: Cousin Seth’s Maiden Voyage into Pumpkin Brews.” 

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