Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - April 2nd thru April 22nd 2022

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 2nd“Christmas Podding Leftovers – Why You Must Hire a Portable Toilet for Your Guests This Christmas.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 3rd“Christmas Podding Leftovers – What’s the Rudest Thing You Can Do Christmas Day That Will Really Upset Your Hosts?”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – April 4th“Recasting “Elf” with ‘80s Actors.”

Tis the Podcast – April 4th“Toyland, Toyland, We’re On Our Way to Toyland (Babes in Toyland [1961])”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 4th“Christmas Podding Leftovers – Why the Aussie Tradition of Backyard Cricket is the Best Family Activity of All Time on Christmas Day.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – April 4th“Christmas Music at the Grammys.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 5th“Christmas Podding Leftovers – What Can You Eat This Year Guilt Free.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – April 6th “The Polar Express with Special Guest Natalie Bickel.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – April 6th“263 Days/37 Weeks Until Christmas.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – April 6th“My Favorite 80’s Toys.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 6th – “Christmas Podding Leftovers – Why Your Office Christmas Party Could Be the Worst One of All Time.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 7th“Christmas Podding Leftovers – What is the Best Age to Celebrate Christmas with Your Kids – Toddlers or Teenagers?

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 8th“Christmas Podding Leftovers – Why Your Christmas Day Seating Plan Needs to be a Strategically Planned Event.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 9th“Christmas Podding Leftovers – Is Having a Baby on Christmas Day the Best or Worst Way to Spend Christmas?”

The Total Christmas Podcast – April 9th“The Night of the Radishes.”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – April 10th“WE Energies Christmas Cookie Cookbooks Full.”

Snow in Southtown Podcast – April 10th“Arbor Day 2022.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – April 10th“Is it too Early to be Planning for Christmas 2022? (Spoiler – NO)”

Behind the Bells Podcast – April 11th“Santa Claus the Movie Part 1: a Very 80’s Santa, History of Salkinds, a Father/Son Rise and Superman’s Success.”

Christmas Morning Podcast – April 13th“256 Days/36 Weeks Until Christmas.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – April 14th“2nd Annual Totally Rad Christmas Awards.”

The Christmas Alphabet Podcast – April 14th“Christmas Alphabet K.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – April 17th“Talking Upcoming Christmas Music Releases with JJ from @NewXmasMusic.”

Tis the Podcast – April 18th“Oh I Could Write a Sonnet, About Your Easter Bonnet. And of the Girl I’m Taking to the Easter Parade (The First Easter Rabbit)”

Christmas Creeps – April 19th“A Wrestling Christmas Miracle.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – April 20th – “The Burglar and the Blizzard Part 1.”

Totally Rad Christmas – April 21st“Here Comes Peter Cottontail (w/ Mike Westfall)”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – April 22nd“The Berenstain Bears Easter Surprise (w/ Jason Rhodes)”

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